Software and Information Technology

Software and Information Technology

HBW is involved in the full range of software and information technologies. As one of the firm’s core industry practices, our attorneys have first-hand experience over decades of practice when it comes to protecting critical software, computer and IT-related innovations.

The software and information technology industry demands both technical and legal capabilities, and HBW delivers the necessary blended know-how on both fronts. Because software and hardware inventions can be categorized as functional, claiming/owning such innovations demands patent applications which are drafted carefully to address evolving statutory subject matter rules and functional claiming rules. Patent applications that do not demonstrate an acute understanding of the technology involved are no longer enough to procure a valid patent. Our attorneys know what it takes to ascertain precise technical details from inventors, as well as to ultimately synthesize such complex information into a clear, concise and successful patent.

We are committed to understanding nearly every aspect of the software and information technology industry. Our firm has extensive experience with inventions involving computer software and associated hardware embodiments. We have delivered comprehensive patent counsel to companies involved in telecommunications; optical networks; wired and wireless communication networks; computer-implemented business methods; databases, speech and language processing; image and video procession; and digital signal processing. Our abilities range from systems architecture to database design and storage; networking and application development to web services and social networking; security, cryptography and mobile payment systems to cloud computing.

Our software and information technology clients include domestic and international software, hardware and IT ventures of all sizes seeking to own and safeguard their cutting-edge ideas, as well as to protect and maximize the intrinsic value of their existing patent portfolios.

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