Mechanical and Electromechanical Devices

Mechanical and Electromechanical Devices

At HBW, we are dedicated to delivering practical solutions for protecting and reaping the benefits of technological innovations pertaining to the mechanical and electromechanical arts. Regardless of the client size or the complexity of the portfolio, we quickly get up to speed on the technology and related intellectual property.

Our team is involved in identifying potentially patentable aspects of inventions, and in preparing and prosecuting patent application on a global scale. In addition to patent prosecution, we also offer IP audits to assist in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of existing IP portfolios. Our team collaborates with owners, managers, inventors, and in-house counsel to design and execute comprehensive programs aimed at obtaining protection for and enforcing valuable investments in research and product development.

Further, we offer services to identify competitors’ active patents and provide related clearances services. Additionally, our attorneys are involved in a wide range of technology transfer and joint venture arrangements, ranging from joint development and licensing agreements, to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and dispositions involving valuable and often extensive IP portfolios.

A sampling of our specific mechanical and electromechanical industry experience includes technologies and patents pertaining to:

      • Solar energy and other alternative energy products and systems
      • High efficiency combustion engines
      • Home automation devices
      • HVAC systems
      • Building materials and related machinery
      • 3D printing and other additive manufacturing systems
      • Consumer and commercial food and beverage systems
      • Medical devices
      • Unmanned aerial vehicle technologies
      • Sporting goods and recreational products
      • Agricultural equipment and farming systems
      • Automotive design
      • Toys and gaming devices
      • Computer hardware
      • Power tools and home appliances
      • Semiconductors and integrated circuit manufacturing processes
      • Fashion accessories


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      • US 7051666: Composite Iso-Stress Sail Structure and Method for Making
      • US 8511607: UAV Launch Attachment Assembly and Launch System