Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry

HBW has served as a trusted intellectual property law advisor to some of the world’s most innovative semiconductor industry companies. Our semiconductor clients reach beyond California to include domestic and international market and thought leaders involved in semiconductor-related manufacturing methods, memory technologies, circuitry, and electronic design automation. We advise both public and private companies at all stages of patent and patent portfolio development, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations.

The semiconductor industry is known for global competition and increased consolidation. Although semiconductors are tiny in size, the technology behind them is both extensive and complex. As a result, our focused approach to serving our clients includes an experienced team of attorneys, patent agents and specialists who offer a multi-dimensional understanding of the current business climate, and the legal and technical issues facing this industry.

Our team is involved in matters including analog and digital circuits, data processor architectures, and memory technologies, such as flash, dielectric charge trapping, programmable resistance memory and phase change memory. We have expertise in manufacturing technologies including photolithography, materials, deposition and etching techniques and packaging. Our broad experiences have allowed us to prosecute even the most complicated innovations.

Our attorneys bring a level of technical expertise to semiconductor technology that is difficult to outmatch. Semiconductors make up the core of today’s electronics. Advancements in semiconductor and integrated circuit technologies continue to redefine how we communicate. Whether HBW is obtaining patents for innovators, licensing patents in the semiconductor and integrated circuit markets, or fending off infringing competitors, our firm can develop tailored strategies that meet the needs of this dynamic and rapidly-evolving market space.

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