Our Patent Practice

Our Patent Practice

HBW offers one-stop legal counsel when it comes to owning, managing and leveraging patents and extensive patent portfolios. Our experience ranges from patent prosecution and ongoing portfolio management and development; to patent-related competitive landscape analysis, opinions and due diligence evaluations; to transactions involving valuable patented assets.

We offer significant expertise in advising clients that range from small start-up ventures to global enterprises seeking specific and results-driven patent-related legal counsel. We are involved in evaluating the patentability of new products and inventions, as well as in preparing and prosecuting a wide range of often highly technical patent applications worldwide. Our attorneys have collectively prosecuted literally thousands of patent applications over the years, addressing and overcoming the concerns of USPTO Patent Examiners, with whom we are dedicated to working cooperatively, productively and efficiently.

Our patent prosecution advice ranges from invention harvesting, to preparing and filing the patent application, to developing an immediate and ongoing viable patent strategy. We are also involved in patent-related appeals, petitions and protests; advocating our client’s position in reexaminations, reissues and post-grant proceedings; as well as in developing ongoing portfolio management and infringement analyses.

Our patents are market-driven, as well as invention-based. Of course each patent begins with the invention, but our effort is to claim the full breadth of potential market advantage that the invention providesOur goal is to create patents that can be both enforced and monetized. We constantly strive to keep our clients out of court as demonstrated by our commitment to delivering high quality patent preparation and prosecution, practical and poignant patent portfolio management strategies, and thorough opinions of counsel.

While many general practice firms just file what has been given to them, HBW’s team has the technical prowess not only to understand and evaluate our client’s invention disclosure, but also to turn it into an approved and durable patent. Our “big picture” view of patent law and management is grounded in our ongoing commitment to understanding each client’s target audience, industry and commercial objectives. We strive to develop portfolio programs that are focused on both the immediate objectives and budgetary requirements of each client, while taking into consideration the longer-term business agenda for future patent monetization opportunities, expanding market share and increasing competition.

Many of HBW’s partners have been practicing patent law for decades. As a result, we do not “reinvent the wheel” when a client comes to us with a sophisticated or highly complex invention, as it is likely one of us has been there before. In addition, our clients appreciate that we are collaborators who consistently deliver pragmatic and distinctive solutions, excellent work product, and service responsive to our client’s needs.

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