Ayan Paul

Ayan Paul

Patent Engineer

Ayan is a registered Patent Agent, with vast experience in patent preparation and prosecution, in both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. His Intellectual Property clients over his decade and a half long career included several Fortune 50 companies, as well as many startups and individual inventors. He has drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications in the last 16 years. Ayan has also extensively performed infringement analysis and targeted prosecution for a major Fortune 50 company, where he worked closely with the client portfolio managers to draft claims that map to infringing products and/or industry standards.

Ayan has worked in a wide variety of technical areas, such as integrated circuits, computer architecture, artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer power management, computer network, memory and cache management, circuits, integrated circuit manufacturing technology including semiconductor process and packaging, and wireless technologies (LTE/5G).

Ayan fights to achieve best intellectual property rights for his clients, while also keeping into account client’s budgetary constraints. Because of his extensive experience in targeted prosecution, Ayan understands how individual words of a claim can affect the claim scope and possibly change the outcome during a litigation, and focuses on providing quality claims, along with well-articulated specification.

Ayan earned his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles in 2005, and received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1998 from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India. Prior to his graduate studies, Ayan worked as an Electrical Engineer in a Petrochemicals company in India for 3 years. Ayan has published extensively and has almost a dozen technical papers in various journals and conferences, mostly in IEEE journals and conferences, in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Ayan joined the firm in 2020, and works remotely from his home in Oregon. Prior to joining the firm, Ayan worked for about six years at the law firm of Lee & Hayes, about four years at the law firm of Schwabe, Williamson, and Wyatt, and about six years at various other intellectual property law firms.

Although Ayan passed his patent bar exam many years back and was registered as a limited recognition practitioner, he recently got his green card (US permanent residence) and hence was recently registered as a patent agent.

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